We provide FREE on-line training for all users, new and experienced using the latest technology that allows us to control your computer or for you to see how to complete a task looking at our screens.
As well as simply showing you how to operate the software, you will also be shown how to get positive financial benefits from the software and become more skilled in using it, as well as becoming more enthusiastic about using the program more fully in the office and in front of the client.

You will have a better understanding of the breadth of facilities available and how all modules interrelate.
We also benefit from the feedback and constructive criticism, as we will amend or add anything you suggest to make the software more useful to you.
That is how the software improves and you will receive regular update adding new options, facilities and reports.

The majority of our new business now comes from IFAs who are switching software products after buying something too expensive and too complicated.
The most common comment when an IFA rings us is “We have XYZ software and are using only 10% of it – and we’re paying a fortune every month”.


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