General FAQ

What Operating Systems Should I Use?
16-bit operating systems like Windows 95, 98 or the ME Edition are now considered to be out-dated so, if you are using these operating systems, this may result in Out of Memory Errors and Run Time Errors which relate to system resources.

In order to get the most out of Simplicity, or to any modern 32-bit software application, you should upgrade to one of the more modern, 32-bit operating systems such as Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP or Vista. You can use Home or Professional versions, although we would strongly recommend Professional if you operating a network. These all have the ability to address more resources, making more memory available to applications such as CCL Simplicity.

The architecture of the earlier 16-bit operating systems was designed in a way that meant that there was a resource limit shared by both the operating system and applications, hence the resource problem. With the modern 32-bit operating systems, there is effectively no limit to the amount of resources available.

It should be noted that Microsoft withdrew support for Windows 95 a year ago and that this will certainly be extended to all of the 16-bit operating systems over the next few years.

Microsoft Office Versions
We do not expect this software to be compatible with any versions of Microsoft Office (Word and Outlook) prior to Microsoft Office 2000 for similar reasons to those referred to on the operating systems. For instance, we can confirm that Simplicity cannot interface with Word 97.

How do I back up my CCL records?
All client information is stored in a Microsoft Access database called Simplicity.mdb and this is your key file for regular storage to an off site medium, be that CD, hard disk or tape streamer. We recommend you look at an on-line computer storage facility called DepositIT, details of which are available from under £50 per annum by visiting for get 10% discount on this easy-to use and essential service.

To back up other parts of CCL Software, search for *.mdb in that folder and save these files plus the Investment Planner and School Fees modules and all Word document files (.doc; .dot etc.)

Freephone Help-Line

If you have a query or want to know how to do something else in Simplicity, our Help Line number is Freephone 0800 0199 853.




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