Simplicity is a totally new and unique Client Database with a highly developed yet easy-to-use Fact-Find which is extremely flexible, editable by the user and simple to navigate.


  Personal Details
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  Mortgage Calculator
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  Fact Find - Debts
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  Fact Find - Pensions
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The brilliant Compliance Check not only identifies any areas of a fact-find that appear to be incomplete or missing but, at the touch of a button, will take you directly to the selected field in question instantly.

Grouping. Each client can be ‘grouped' in many ways. For instance, an individual client will be a member of his own family but he could also be grouped with other individuals who all work at the same place or are in the same pension scheme. You could also include the same client in a social group such as a cricket team or golf club. There is literally no limit to the number of groups you can design – nor is there any limit to how many groups to which an individual may belong. Any group can also easily be divided or re-designed in a few seconds in the case, say, of a marriage break-up.

The system includes Needs Analysis of life and health cover, potential pension shortfalls and levels of mortgage protection plus a detailed vision of potential IHT and CGT liabilities.

  Pensions Shortfall
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In keeping with our realistic view of the real needs of the majority of IFAs out there, we have designed a One-Page Client Overview Fact-Find that not only presents just the salient information needed to give compliant advice to an existing client but also displays instant one-screen Client Synopsis, showing the potential shortfalls and liabilities, which can be printed on a single sheet of paper.

  One Page Fact Find
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  One Page Report
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This almost magical feature will galvanise your clients resolve to do something positive.

The new CCL software is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and works in conjunction with Word for Reports and Fact-Finds, Outlook for diary and recording critical dates and tasks, Access as the core database and Excel for spreadsheet items. All completed fact-finds and reports are saved automatically in the correspondence File when you exit from the document.

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To download a sample Fact-Find click here

To download a sample Report click here

Also available are a large number of Suitability Paragraphs that can be combined to create letters that can then re-saved or added to reports as recommendation or explanations. As all paragraphs, letters, summaries and reports are compiled in Word, this allows simple on-screen editing and the addition of individual comments before printing.

Data entered can be searched by up to 10 parameters simultaneously. Thes ecan be such simple items as the ages of clients, by product provider, policy type, investment house or even fund.

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It is also easy to search on the basis of, for example, the size if the existing pension shortfall or for clients who do NOT have Critical Illness cover. This is an extremely powerful marketing tool.

CCL offer a genuine alternative to the over-priced and over-complicated software currently offered to IFAs by a number of suppliers.
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