Launched in October 2012, this useful module is constantly monitoring the actions of you and your staff when dealing with each individual client and applying costs to their nominal account ledger.

The key functions are that it will keep a record of every task that you perform for a client on any element of the CCL Software System and record, not only the time expended, but the cost of each task to your company based on the hourly rate of the person who is logged on at the time.
Each adviser, paraplanner and any other member of staff can have an hourly rate entered and the system then logs every action, time and cost.
In this way, a ledger is created for every client that can be used to raise invoices and statements, charge fees, assess levels of retainers or simply record all the work that you do for every client.

Aged analysis of debts is also available and, if you decide to become VAT registered, you will be asked if all fees include VAT or are subject to VAT.
Whatever the structure, a full VAT Schedule will be prepared and you will be able to reconcile this monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the VAT payment method selected.

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