Necessity is specifically designed to serve the needs of smaller companies, single practitioners or network members who do not want to spend all their days bogged down with administration.

Most IFAs who use CCL's software tend to be sales-orientated and many feel that administration, however essential it may be, does not bring in the income they need to live.

So again our view is keep it simple - don't over-complicate what, in reality, is a simple process - and don't charge hundreds of pounds a month for it.

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The program incorporates commission and policy tracking, New Business Register and the ability to provide the reports required for compliance - simply and efficiently.

The system copes with fees, all forms of commissions plus keeping track of earnings from renewals.

  Commission tracking
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Reports can be based on the whole company or broken down by Registered Individual, by types of business, commission earned or due, by provider and can be shown for any selected period.

You can select the required columns for each report and there are literally hundreds of options, making it really flexible when you need to pull out that RMAR report data.

  New Business Register
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The Event Log is the first thing you see on entering the program. This informs you about the state of each policy that is being processed and warns you of any actions that need to be taken or notifies you of things that have failed to happen on time.

  Event Log
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On a single page, you can track the progress of each individual policy as each event takes place from the proposal stage through to going on risk. On completion, the details of the policy can be transferred to the client record within Simplicity with a single keystroke.

Granted there will be some IFAs who want more than we offer. There are plenty of complex, expensive systems on the market but CCL offers you a genuine alternative – simple software at an affordable price.

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