This offers the ability to produce quotes and illustrations - without the need for telephone connection.

Many IFAs will remember ‘rate books’. What a useful tool they were in giving clients indications of cost. Well, think of Informa as an electronic rate book.

We have now refined the process to offer simultaneous illustrations of Level Term, FIB, PHI, CIC and PMI for your clients' current situation on a single screen. Clients can instantly see cost details of the most popular protection options offering them a genuine choice on how best to budget for the protection they require.

  Life Cover Shortfall
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The client’s requirements are downloaded directly from the Needs Analysis section of Simplicity to avoid the need for the IFA to re-enter information. Just click on the “Quote” button.

  Life Cover Illustration
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Also included is a survey of Residential Mortgage Lenders updated weekly together with the unique Repayment Illustrator which demonstrates how varying interest rate, term, growth or mortgage amount affects the cost of the monthly repayments.

  Mortgage Illustration
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Finally, there is a unique way of viewing a client’s pension situation in a graphic format.

It should be noted that this program is not promoted as a replacement for The Exchange, Assureweb or Webline but an off-line software product that allows you to indicate areas of cost to a client before getting the official quotation.

In truth, if the client is going to say “NO” because the solution is not affordable, then surely it is better to find out while you are with the client - and BEFORE you spend several hours getting quotations.

In this way, you can find a solution that client is prepared to afford and then get the quotes to confirm a decision that in fact has already been made.

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