The Concept

CCL believe that

  • Comprehensive does not have to mean complex
  • If software needs a manual - then it’s probably too complicated
  • The software should be logical and easy to follow.
  • Fact-Finds and Reports should be editable by the user
  • No database fields should be mandatory
  • Once an item is entered, you should never need to type it again - ever
  • Good software does not have to cost the earth
  • You should have the option to buy your software outright
  • Training, where necessary, should be offered free
  • All prices quoted to IFAs should include V.A.T.
  • And above all - Keep it simple

From the many thousands of IFAs who have visited our seminars, we know that a high proportion of you agree with our core philosophies.

  • Much of today’s IFA software is over-complicated and incredibly over-priced
  • IFAs should be able to purchase software. No one wants to pay rent for ever
  • You shouldn’t have to pay extra to run software on a computer network
  • Training on installation should be available free-of-charge to all users

Are you one of the many IFAs who are frustrated by having to pay hundreds of pounds in rental every month for over-complicated software?

Perhaps you are aggrieved that, despite using only 10% of your software’s facilities, you still pay 100% of the cost?

Are you one of those who want simple software that helps you create more business opportunities?

Do you just want to get on with your job and spend a lot less time on administration?

Then CCL is the software that you have been looking for all this time and hoping to find.

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