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Document Scanning
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CCL DocScan is now offered as a simple addition to your Simplicity database for an affordable one-off fee to allow documents to be scanned directly into your client files.
This is a sophisticated document filing system and you can either continue to use your current scanning software if preferred or switch completely to the DocScan system for scanning as well.
Documents can be easily filed and indexed for quick recovery when needed and the old CCL rule applies. “Nothing ever needs entering twice”.
So if you have saved a previous document with a note or description or provider name, you can use that text over and over again – without retyping it.
All typed entries are stored for future repeat use.

DocScan also allows documents previously scanned and stored on your computers to be integrated and become part of your CCL client files with a simple “Drag and Drop” system.
Complete folders containing maybe hundreds of documents can be transferred to CCL DocScan and Simplicity database in just a few seconds.
A comprehensive Search option is included so you will never lose a document - even if it is wrongly-filed (it happens to all of us at some time.).

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