PlanPack is comprised of a range of calculation packages that are thoughtfully designed to give a high degree of functionality while maintaining that ease-of-use for which CCL are rightly famous.

Lifetime Cashflow

The “Lifetime Cashflow” software and its predecessor, the “Advanced Investment Planner” have now been superseded by the CCL Plan-4-Life software that came out at the end of 2011.
While both of these earlier programs are still supported by CCL, there will be no further development of these products in the future. Users have been encouraged to upgrade to the new CCL Plan-4-Life software at a much reduced price.
Therefore, if you have a copy of one of these discontinued software products and wish to take advantage of this offer, please contact CCL urgently on 0800 0199 853.

  Graphic Display
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Target Funding is an additional useful function of this planner that allows you to set financial goals and demonstrate options to fulfil the plan by a mixture of single and regular contributions. Again, instant re-calculation takes place as the data is amended.

Client Accounts offers full time/cost analysis together with a complete audit trail and history of your dealings with clients, working equally well for both fee-based and commission-earning IFAs.

The reports indicate which clients are the most cost-effective and which are wasting your time and costing you money. Entries can be made manually or clocked automatically while you are working.

  Client Accounts
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All entries are automatically sorted into chronological order, even when late entries are posted. The system also helps in the preparation of invoicing fees and helps reconcile commission earnings as well as creating a detailed history of the work you have undertaken for each client.

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