To help visitors get the best out of this web site we have put together a list of other web sites that could prove useful. However, we take no responsibility for the content of these sites nor make any representations as to the accuracy of said content.    
Depositit is a fully compliant data back-up storage facility created in response to the new FSA requirements for the protection of electronic data. CCL have sponsored this system for you and it is available at a substantial discount if you access their site using the link below.

Click here to visit the Depositit website

Training & Compliance Solutions - Providing a high quality framework can help to reduce the pressures of regulatory burden. At Nm² we strive to help our clients to achieve the position they want to be in - to be able to commit their resources to building relationships with their clients and providing professional advice without the constant worry of regulation.

At Nm² we will only consult on your Compliance needs once we understand your business. All recommendations are tailored to the business. Just because something is right for one business does not mean it will work for all. Compliance can only be successful if it is engrained into the ethics of the company.

Click here to visit the Nm² website
Next Generation Product Research - Aequos Engage from Defaqto is the next generation product research and analysis solution for Advisers. Available online and offline, it is simple to use and follows the normal advice process. Updated daily, Aequos Engage integrates with existing CRM systems and quotes portals creating a seamless process for managing client relationships.
Click here to visit the Defaqto website
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