CCL provide the most complete software system for today's professional independent financial adviser. Over the past twenty eight years, CCL has become accepted as the best IFA Point-of-Sale system available on the market.

The available modules are called

simplicity, docscan, plan4life, informa, necessity, client review, school feed, RDR Accounts

Our software is primarily designed for ease-of-use and to increase your income potential by enabling you to get the decision more quickly from your client.

And, what's more, buying CCL will not break the bank. We believe that you should purchase rather than rent your software, although short-term rental is offered to start-ups but with a rebate of a proportion of the rental paid against the eventual purchase. There are eight software modules available and purchase prices start as little as from £144.00 including VAT and most CCL users pay around £1,000.00 for their initial system purchase - and all CCL prices include VAT.

CCL's Managing Director, Nick Bewley, stated, "We firmly believe that the majority of software offered to today's IFA is unnecessarily over-complicated and hugely over-priced. Our concept is keep it simple and don't charge a fortune for it."

He added, "We believe that software should not require a one-week training course (for which many software providers charge huge sums) and neither should it need a 400-page manual. However, we do offer a free on-line training and advice to all users - new and experienced)."

The majority of our new business now comes from IFAs who are switching software products after buying something too expensive and too complicated. The most common comment when an IFA rings us is "We have XYZ software and are using only 10% of it - and we're paying a fortune every month".

If this is you then it's time to talk to Nick Bewley at CCL. You can ring him direct on 01905 356660.


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