The Current System

In 2002, it was recognised that the IFA software market in the UK had gravitated towards extremely sophisticated and complex software products, many of which cost many hundreds of pounds per month on rental.

Having run over 400 seminars and seen over 8,000 IFAs over the last seven years, we perceived that there was a desire for something simpler and less expensive from a high proportion of smaller IFA companies, single practitioners and network members.

Following an extensive period of redevelopment when we went back to the drawing board and designed a completely new system from scratch, the S N I P system was launched in January 2004.

Simplicity - is the main Client Database with Fact-Find, Shortfall Analysis, Calculators and a system to write Suitability Letters and Reports using Microsoft Word and employing Outlook as the diary to alert you to every critical date such as expiry of fixed rate term, or maturity dates.

Necessity - Policy, Mortgage and Commission Tracking, New Business Register, Daily Event Log and Diary, Tracking of Initial, Trail and Renewal Commissions and providing data for GABRIEL Reporting.

DocScan - A simple document scanning and file management system that links with Simplicity to allow scanned documents to be placed in the client file and easily located. A powerful Search option is also included. Previously scanned documents can also be dragged into each client’s file.

Informa - Illustrations of Term Assurance, FIB, PHI, CIC and PMI plus Mortgages and Pensions.

CCL Plan-4-Life - Lifetime Cashflow Planner with Target Funding - A complete holistic financial planning system with colourful graphics and editable Word-based reports.

RDR Accounts – Time/Cost Analysis - Links to all the CCL advice-related modules – Automatically keeps a record of all actions performed for each client, producing invoices (with or without VAT), statements, aged analysis of debts and portfolio value reports.

School Fees - Educational plans. Up to four establishments per child. Single or monthly contributions.

In 2006, the Client Review software was added – a simple download that puts the CCL fact-find software on your client’s computer allowing new clients to complete a fact-find to be sent back to the IFA as an email which then imports directly into the Simplicity database to create a new client record.

For existing clients, when preparing for a client review, the IFA can email the current fact-find to the client, who then amends any areas of change and emails it back when it is immediately checked against the original fact-find and all additions and amendments are listed, then the fact-find is imported (and archived for compliance).

In 2007, the One-Page Fact-Find was introduced – an innovative idea that offers a full assessment of a client’s needs, shortfalls and potential liabilities from just 28 questions. This then issues a one-page synopsis for the client.

CCL will continue to offer unique software solutions based on the needs of the IFA working in the real world and our 28 years of experience in serving this market.



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