Past History

CCL was formed in 1984 and the first module, Mortgage Illustrations, went on sale in January, 1986. The system was sold complete with the computer for which it was designed, as there was no computer compatibility at that time.

The second module produced illustrated Permanent Health Insurance and this was shortly followed by a program to survey the residential mortgage lenders market, called Loan-Search.

During 1987, the system was redesigned for the new PC compatible computers and, at the same time, CCL added a program for Level Term Assurance illustrations.

In 1989, the introduction of the Fact-Find/Needs Analysis program heralded a major change in emphasis, effectively moving CCL from offering solely product illustrations to a complete financial advice system. This has achieved remarkable success with the independent financial market as core module of the most effective point-of-sales software available today for IFAs.

In 1991/1992, the software was completely redesigned and re-launched, greatly widening the scope of the system and adding several new program modules, including Commercial Mortgages, Pension Term and Short-Term Assurance Illustrations. The revised program also incorporated a word processor, mail-merge and a full diary system.

In June 1993, the innovative Pensions Analyser, possibly the most important piece of research software to be made available during the last few years, was launched and, since then, has been developed and enhanced to become the leading pensions advice software in the UK and was also purchased by over 20 product providers as the definitive pension product design tool.

Following a further redevelopment of the software to deal with the new regulations in January 1995 and the approval of the system's parameters by the PIA in November 1994, Client Accounts and Critical Illness modules were developed and added to the system in April 1995.

The Windows version of the system was launched in January 1996.

Our 5,000th system was sold in 2001 and we have continued to review the market and provide innovative and unique functionality to the software.

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